Thank you for scheduling a meeting with me.  I'm looking forward to speaking with you.

Before we get started, there are a couple of compliance procedures that we need to cover. 

  1. A signed NDA

  2. Submission of your business details

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Ahead of our discussion, and in order to ensure we're both on the same page in terms of confidentiality, it would be appreciated if you could have a read through my standard NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

If you're happy with the content, please sign and submit it. There's no need to download, physically sign, upload and return - it's digital, so you can sign using your finger, mouse or trackpad and it'll automatically wing its way back to me for filing.  You'll even receive a soft copy via email, for your own records. Neat, eh?

Please click the green button to access. (If you've signed an NDA with me previously, please feel free to ignore this request).





New Client Business Details

In order for me to have you set-up as a client on my internal systems, I need a few details from you.

Please click the green button to submit.